PCRC Presents: Home Buyers Basics: “Ask the Experts”

Mar - 04

PCRC Presents: Home Buyers Basics: “Ask the Experts”

This workshop will entail 2 sessions in which interested potential home owners in the first session will learn:
1. Is home ownership right for you?
2. Are you financially ready to own a home?
3. Financing your home.
4. Finding the right homes.
5. Making an offer and closing the deal.
6. After you buy (Maintaining your home and protecting your investment). (To be held at Stride Credit Union)

After this first 2-hour session, a second session will take place in which participants will be invited back to hear from experts in each field that compliment and support home buying. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to set up an appointment time to meet with a Stride Credit Union Financial Advisor and discuss individual assessments.

7. Ask the experts (Insurance, Realtor, Lawyer, etc.).
8. My Plan…individual assessments. (by appointment). (to be held at the Herman Prior Centre)

This series of workshops is to stimulate interest, educate, and assist community members in the knowledge and process of owning a home. Community members will learn the benefit to owning a home, steps to become ready to own a home, if currently not there, what things are important to protect yourself, how close they are to owning a home, and have an opportunity to hear from a panel of experts in the field of home ownership. Everyone on the panel gets a specified period of time to present, then question and answer time. This Will be done at a central location (Herman Prior), in which tables could be set up with individual experts. The participants would be able to find the expert right for them.
During the 2nd workshop participants who believe they are ready to buy a home or are interested in preparing themselves and may need assistance, can book an appointment with Stride Credit Union to receive the support and guidance needed for their individual situation. One area will be set up for the experts, and simultaneously,  individuals can discuss the need for further & future appointments privately with Stride.
Date and Time – March 19th, 2019, 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Session One)
March 26th, 2019, 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Session Two)

For more information, please call us at 204-240-7272 or email v.lopez@portagecrc.com

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