Beautification Days 2018

Apr - 09

Beautification Days 2018

As Spring temperatures slowly melt the snow, we can see lots of garbage that have been accumulated over winter. This is why, every Spring, PCRC prepares a city wide community clean up. This is an opportunity for families and neighbors in general to help make Portage la Prairie shine.

This initiative has been part of PCRC for five years, through clean-up activities we encourage neighbors to take pride in their city.  This year we hope to encourage Businesses and Schools, giving them a day to have their own clean ups.

Here are some tips to help keep your own neighborhood clean:

  • Encourage your kids, family and neighbors to take initiative and organize a clean-up group.
  • Walk around your community and offer to trim and cut tree branches.
  • Remember to recycle, most of the garbage we can found on the streets are probably recyclable.
  • Prepare your yard planting new flowers, adding color to our city.
  • Contact PCRC to get free supplies (garbage bags and gloves)!! 

Homeowners, organizations, groups among others can organize their own clean up activity. We encourage everyone’s participation, anyone in the community can call PCRC to register and get their supplies for free, and they will be given the chance to win a price. This year Beautification Days will run from April 15th to April 29th, 2018.