LIP Community Members

As an individual, or as part of an organization, you have the ability to make a difference in your community!

We hope these tips spark ideas of how you can make meaningful actions that contribute to a Strong, Vibrant, Community. By no means is this an exhaustive list, just a way to help generate thoughts and ideas. If you are doing something that is not on this list, we would love for you to share it with us, we’ll share it through our networks via social media and other communication platforms.

Improve Integration

Offer a tour of the neighbourhood
Share Canadian culture and values with a newcomer. For example, talk about sports and customs
Invite newcomers to come with you to Canadian cultural events and festivals. A list of events can be found on Portage Online Events Calendar
Sports opportunities: Stride Place Recreation Facility or the Portage Regional Recreation Authority
Arts and culture programs in the Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment Centre

Improve Engagement

Make yourself the “go-to” person for a newcomer if they have any questions
Be a newcomer’s contact in case they need something. They might not have anyone
Learn what organizations and resources are available in your community so you can help to make referrals and connections
Share the successes of newcomers in your community, i.e., in community papers or at your place of worship

Support Diversity

Learn some common phrases in a newcomers language
Listen to a newcomers story
Acknowledge news and events happening in home countries. Some newcomers have left turmoil and family/friends who may be suffering
Chat with newcomers about the culture and background of their home country
If you immigrated to Canada, share your story and experience with a newcomer. Help people understand the barriers and challenges new immigrants face
Be patient with language barriers
Learn cultural references and etiquette Thumbs up might NOT mean OK to everyone
Take the time to learn a newcomers name, and the proper way to pronounce it
Learn some interesting demographic facts of your neighbourhood, i.e. the number of newcomers and their countries of birth


Volunteer with a newcomer. Info available at the PCRC
Participate in initiatives and committees that are committed to building strong, vibrant communities.