Revitalize Portage! grants

It’s that wonderful time again where you need to put ideas and plans into ACTION! As a community you spoke and told us what you need and desire to strengthen and enhance our community. This information that was gathered was put into a 5-year action plan and the provincial government said “yes, we will help!”

How are they helping? I’m glad you asked!

We receive funding from Neighbourhoods alive! This is what helps us to run our various projects, events etc… In the past the PCRC also received money for a home Beautification grant (not to be confused with Beautification days…Call our office for info on that!), sadly the decision was made to cut the funding for the Home Beautification grant.

What are we doing? You ask such great questions!

We are doing research, and investigating potential projects that would benefit Portage la Prairie. Now, sadly I can’t really give you more information at this time, things have their own time line and we need to have all of our ducks in a row before we take anything to the community. With that said we love to hear from you the community. Your ideas and constructive advice is what keeps us going. We exist for the community!

What can you do? I am so happy and impressed that you want to help make a difference!

You can apply for the Revitalize Portage! grants on the PCRC website or come in to the office to pick up an application. These grants are funded by Neighbourhoods Alive! Manitoba and are designed to support programs, events, and initiatives in Portage la Prairie. This is where you the community come in! Local groups, businesses or organizations (incorporated or unincorporated), non-profit, parent councils, neighbourhood associations, or service groups can apply for this grant! Can you as an individual apply…no. You can apply on behalf of your organization, business etc., but we can’t give an individual with drive and a great idea money. DON’T let that stop you! Join a committee, create an organization, get on your parent council…make your ideas come to life with the support of the community! Revitalize Portage! grants need to fit into one of the following: Community Building, Affordable Recreation and Leisure, Beautification and Community Pride (again, not individual homes), Building Economic Security, Safe Neighbourhoods, Capacity Building. Up to 5,000.00$ can be granted for one project, you are allowed to apply for as many different projects as you want. Let the ideas flow!

What are we hoping for? Hmmm…

The PCRC believes that community is the answer to all questions. EVERYONE has an opinion, we all have ideas, however, nothing can be done without action. You have an idea that keeps coming up in your mind, something that will enhance our community… it keeps popping up and you’re not sure what to do with it… let us help. Maybe the PCRC can be the fan to make that spark spread into a full blown fire!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Vienna Lopez

Community Facilitator