Wawokiya is a project that evolved from the Portage la Prairie Hub project.

Previously service providers met to assess acutely elevated risk referrals and offer them appropriate supports. This Wawokiya project was born out of the Hub to provide ongoing support for up to twelve months.

The Wawokiya Table and Wawokiya Support Teams mobilize and coordinate existing resources across sectors to give individuals/families the support they need so they can prevent and permanently stabilize crisis situations.

Partner Agencies include:

• Probation
• Southern Health
• Department of Families
• Youth for Christ
• Michif Child & Family Services
• Additions Foundation of Manitoba
• ROK Central
• Portage School Division
• Child & Family Services Central
• Dakota Ojibway Child & Family Services
• Canadian Mental Health Association
• Manitoba Housing

Wawokiya FAQ

Wawokiya Brochure

Wawokiya Process Map