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Get Together Portage: Neighborhood Connecter Program

Get Together Portage: Neighborhood Connecting Program is a new program that highlights the importance of neighborhood presence. It centers around connecting neighbors and building a sense of community in Portage la Prairie and surrounding areas. 


How to get involved -

Block Connector

A Block Connector is someone who is interested in connecting neighbours to each other and enjoys staying in the loop. They often gather each neighbours contact info and help other neighbours connect to each other as well. If you are interested in becoming a Block Connector please fill out this quick survey and we will reach out to you to help you start out!    

Party Person

The Party Person is just what the name says! They are someone who wants to connect with their neighbours but aren't into all the technical stuff. They want to have fun and enjoy socializing. We offer party planner templates and party activity kits to help you plan your perfect party! - 

Favour Neighbour

The Favour Neighbour is someone who wants to help neighbours but doesn't want/doesn't have time to become a main planner. They put a sticker in their window so that other neighbours can see that they are someone they can go to for help. Contact us at for a Favour Neighbour sticker! - 

Favour Neighbour (1).png
Favour Neighbour (1).png

Friendly Face

Being a Friendly Face is the easiest task of all! All you have to do is be polite and wave at your neighbours. Try and say hi every time you see a neighbour and eventually you will become more comfortable with the people around you.

Neighborhood Leader Nominations

You can nominate someone who you think is a leader in your neighborhood and they could win a prize! They can be someone who makes life easier, more fun, or even someone who welcomes everyone into the community. Anyone you think makes your neighborhood a better place to live! Send us nominations to All we need for a nomination is the name and a paragraph of why you think your nominee is a neighbourhood leader!

Block connecters resource guide

The Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE)  has come up with a great guide to what a block connecter is and what role they play in connecting communities. Read more about it here - 

Are you interested in being a part of the Get Together Portage program? Contact us at

Get Together Portage Survey

We'd like to know more about how others feel in their neighbourhoods. If you could take a couple of minutes to complete this survey about how you feel in your neighbourhood we'd really appreciate the feedback -  

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