Indigenous Seniors Resources

Coordinating Services for Indigenous
Seniors in Portage la Prairie

The indigenous seniors resource coordinator (ISRC) program was created to coordinate support services for indigenous seniors in Portage.  The purpose of this is to support individuals so they can maintain their independent living status as they get older.  With age comes barriers, and the ISRC is here to help the indigenous seniors of Portage overcome those barriers in life.

Please note, services and events listed below may be limited or modified to ensure current  Covid-19 guidelines are being respected.


  • Friendly Visiting

  • Home Maintenance

  • Yard Care

  • Snow Removal

  • Transportation

  • House Cleaning/Laundry

  • Shopping

  • E.R.I.K (Emergency Response Information Kits)

Events and Social Opportunites:

  • Exercise programs

  • Educational Events

  • Socialization Opportunities

  • Cultural Events

  • Community Garden Development

  • Activity Kits

  • Book Lending Club

Assistance with:

  • Form Completion

  • Advocacy

  • Referrals to Other Service Providers

  • Basic Tech Support

Holistic quality of life refers to overall sense of well-being, quality of everyday physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences, productivity, joy, and how the individual being assessed would rate their current satisfaction in life as a whole. The ISRC is not just here to ensure you are surviving life, but to help you thrive and improve the quality of your life in a holistic fashion.

To access any of the above services and programming, please contact: Mitch Moar at 204-240-7272 or