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Mari Lawrence -  Executive Director |

Mari “the Detective” Kozar (she/her) is the Executive Director responsible for the entire team. Mari provides leadership and management of the organization. Mari is in charge of planning and management, community relations/communication, human resources, and financial planning and management for PCRC. With the direction of the board Mari directs PCRC to be the community initiative that all of the programs make it up to be. The organization is her circus and her monkeys.

Sherri Walker - Office Administrator |

Sherri “the Conductor” Walker (she\her) is the Office Administrator for PCRC. Sherri works reception, assists with financial management, and provides administrative support to all staff. Sherri is the glue that keeps PCRC together. Sherri struts in transparency. You can tell what mood she’s in based on the speed and volume of her footsteps.

Lorna Knight - Community Engagement Coordinator |

Lorna “the Planner” Knight (she/her) is the Community Engagement Coordinator for PCRC. Lorna plans community events and engages local stakeholders. Lorna organizes and produces events like Skate with Santa, Winterfest, and assists with Community Clean Up. Lorna works wears many hats working on Food Security Fund, managing the PCRC social media, and more. Lorna works to make Portage a better place for everyone to live in. This year Lorna has organized 1000000000 breakfast pockets into the community.

Rachel Templeton - Community Facilitator |

Rachel “the Proposal Princess” Templeton (she\her) is the Community Facilitator for PCRC. Rachel engages community members and stakeholders in planning and execution of programs/projects, facilitates public education and community activities, supports fundraising and development. Rachel finds and applies for grants to benefit the community. Rachel has the most spoiled puppies at PCRC.

Ashley Anderson - CBYF Community Connector |

Ashley “the Wordsmith” Anderson (she\her) is the Communities Building Youth Futures Coordinator. She leads the CBYF team to work with youth and help address barriers in the community. This is Ashley’s first role in a non-profit and she is excited to knowledge and lived experience into practice. Ashley has a English Literature and Creative Writing Degree and therefore prides herself on practical and rational thinking which assists her role with CBYF. Ashley’s favourite thing in the world is her dog, Jones and she would love to see a picture of your pets.

Adelynn Belfour - Youth Support Navigator | 

Adelynn “Not a Taxi” Belfour (she/her) is the Youth Support Navigator for the Communities Building Youth Futures. She supports the Roving Campus project by assisting Roving Campus teachers and working with students in class, including but not limited to: driving students to and from class, providing advocacy and navigation for students requiring out-of-school supports, participating in in-class activities, etc. Adelynn favourite hobby is watching birds in her window cling bird feeder with her cat.

Justine Richardson - CBYF Youth Intern | 

Justine " The Button Machine" Richardson (she/they) is a Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) Youth Intern. She is a Roving Campus graduate and has previous experience working with CBYF. Justine utilizes her experience working with Bear Clan and Noozhek in her role at PCRC. Justine loves beading, making buttons and sharing her indigenous culture.

Alex Lassell - CBYF Youth Intern | 

Alex "In Demand" Lassell is a Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) Youth Intern. He is a Roving Campus graduate and has previous experience working with CBYF. Alex utilizes his lived experience as a youth in the community for his work with PCRC. Alex has the best sounding keyboard you've ever heard.

Aaron Pierre - Indigenous Seniors Resource Coordinator |

Aaron “the Board Game Wizard” Pierre (he/him) is the Indigenous Seniors Resource Coordinator organizes support services for indigenous seniors to assist individuals to maintain their independent living status. Aaron has a background in indigenous culture and has worked in this type of field for years. Aaron loves board games and has an open invitation for chess matches.

Mitch Tilk - LIP Program Coordinator |

Mitch “the Mobilizer" Tilk (he/him) is the Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP) Program Coordinator. Mitch supports the development of local partnerships and community-based planning around the needs of residents and newcomers. Mitch’s goals are to help make Portage a more welcoming community for everybody. Mitch strives for perfection, so even though the top shelf on his desk is out of reach, hopefully his goals aren’t! When not hard at work drinking coffee, Mitch enjoys watching sports, spending time with his dog Jim, and weaving straw into gold.

Megan Romphf - Cultural Connector |

Megan “Go-Getter” Romphf (she/her) is the Cultural Connector for the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP). Which seeks to engage various stakeholders including employers, agencies and community for community resources to meet needs for residents and newcomers in the area. If you need something done Megan will do it. She assists everyone in the office and will not take no for an answer. Megan always has ideas for community change and how to make Portage a better place to live. Megan is a renegade for Portage and Macgregor.


Tawnee Kowerchuk - Reaching Home Coordinator |

Tawnee “Coach” Kowerchuk (she/her) is the Reaching Home Coordinator. Reaching Home is a product of the National Housing Strategy to strengthen and support the community. Reaching Home’s purpose is to reduce homelessness and to ensure that every Canadian has affordable housing. Tawnee works with clients based on a comparative model to the coordinated access system. Tawnee is a team advocate, supporting everyone in the office and her team. Tawnee is protective, and boisterous with the most contagious laugh around.

Kimberley Sharp - Reaching Home Case Manager |

Kimberley “the Craft Genius” Sharp (she/they) is a Reaching Home Case Manager. Affordable housing is an extremely important topic as so many of our community members have to make the difficult choice of having to choose between paying their rent or putting food on their table. Kimberley works with clients daily to address housing, food security and more. Kimberley is a client focused, heart led and community minded rebel. Kimberley rules crafts and baking.

Anthony Woods - Reaching Home Case Manager |

Anthony "the Entrepreneur" Woods (he/him) is a Reaching Home Case Manager.

Anthony works with clients to addressing housing, food security and more. His non-judgmental client-based approach to his work proves successful in relationship and skill building while addressing barriers in our community. Anthony has a specials set of skills to create a business out of anything and to convince you to buy it.

Pauline Johnston - Reaching Home Community Auntie |

Pauline “Insightful Auntie” Johnston (she/her) is the Reaching Home Community Auntie. The Community Auntie program is based on the Ask Aunty Program. Pauline provides direct support like identification & banking, health & wellness, education & employment, transportation/accessibility, housing and advocacy for Portage's vulnerable and Indigenous populations. Pauline prioritizes advocacy and community collaboration to best meet the needs of those she serves within the partnership of Reaching Home. Pauline has the cutest Deer Head Chihuahua to assist her work.

Cornell Pashe - PUIPC Coordinator |

Cornell “the Knowledge Keeper” Pashe (he/him) is Portage Indigenous Community Coordinator. Cornell always has places to go and people to meet. Cornell has been an indigenous leader for many years. As the PUIPC Coordinator Cornell connects with Portage and the surrounding areas on indigenous issues. Cornell has had a hand in planning many indigenous enrichment events, including events on Truth and Reconciliation Day, National Indigenous People’s Day, etc. Cornell organizes and rallies indigenous leaders in our community to create strides for change in the treatment and representation of indigenous people. Cornell began teaching at Red River College in January 2023.

Alexa Kowerchuk - Wawokiya Coordinator |

Alexa “the Considerate” Kowerchuk (she\her) is the Wawokiya Coordinator. Alexa has a background in direct services as she was a Reaching Home Case Manager and a Case Manager at the former Portage Community Shelter. As the Wawokiya Coordinator, Alexa organizes The Wawokiya Table and Wawokiya Support Teams to mobilize and coordinate existing resources across sectors to give individuals/families the support they need so they can prevent and permanently stabilize crisis situations. Alexa is skillful in collaboration which assists with her role.

Want to speak with someone on the phone? Call us at 204-240-7272 and we can direct your call.

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