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Mari Kozar -  Executive Director | | 204-240-6471

Mari Kozar (she/her) is the Executive Director responsible for the entire team. Mari provides leadership and management of the organization. Mari is in charge of planning and management, community relations/communication, human resources, and financial planning and management for PCRC. With the direction of the board, Mari directs PCRC to be the community initiative that all of the programs make it up to be.





Sherri Walker - Office Administrator | | 204-240-8567

Sherri Walker (she\her) is the Office Administrator for PCRC. Sherri works reception, assists with financial management, and provides administrative support to all staff.






Rachel Templeton - Community Facilitator | | 204-240-4043

Rachel Templeton (she\her) is the Community Facilitator for PCRC. Rachel engages community members and stakeholders in planning and execution of programs/projects, facilitates public education and community activities, supports fundraising and development. Rachel finds and applies for grants to benefit the community.

Ashley Anderson - CBYF Program Coordinator | | 204-240-8559

Ashley Anderson (she\her) is the Communities Building Youth Futures Coordinator. She leads the CBYF team to work with youth and help address barriers in the community. This is Ashley’s first role in a non-profit and she is excited to put her knowledge and lived experience into practice.


Justine Richardson - CBYF Youth Intern | | 204-240-8562

Justine Richardson (she/they) is a Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) Youth Intern. She is a Roving Campus graduate and has previous experience working with CBYF. Justine utilizes her experience working with Bear Clan and Noozhek in her role at PCRC. 

Alex Lassell - CBYF Youth Intern | | 204-240-8562

Alex Lassell (he/they) is a Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) Youth Intern. He is a Roving Campus graduate and has previous experience working with CBYF. Alex utilizes his lived experience as a youth in the community for his work with PCRC.







Mitch Tilk - LIP Program Coordinator | | 204-240-2871

Mitch Tilk (he/him) is the Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP) Program Coordinator. Mitch supports the development of local partnerships and community-based planning around the needs of residents and newcomers. Mitch’s goals are to help make Portage a more welcoming community for everybody.







Tawnee Kowerchuk - Reaching Home Coordinator | | 204-240-8532

Tawnee Kowerchuk (she/her) is the Reaching Home Coordinator. Reaching Home is a product of the National Housing Strategy to strengthen and support the community. Reaching Home’s purpose is to reduce homelessness and to ensure that every Canadian has affordable housing. Tawnee works with clients based on a comparative model to the coordinated access system. 







Kimberley Sharp - Reaching Home Case Manager | | 204-240-8561

Kimberley Sharp (she/they) is the Housing Intensive Case Manager. Kim provides wrap around supports and find resources to help individuals meet their goals and be successful in sustaining and maintaining their housing.


Anthony Woods - Reaching Home Case Manager | | 204-240-8566

Anthony Woods (he/him) is a Reaching Home Case Manager.

Anthony works with clients to addressing housing, food security and more. His non-judgmental client-based approach to his work proves successful in relationship and skill building while addressing barriers in our community. 

Pauline Johnston - Reaching Home Community Auntie | | 204-240-7272/ 204-240-0036

Pauline Johnston (she/her) is the Reaching Home Community Auntie. The Community Auntie program is based on the Ask Aunty Program. Pauline provides direct support like identification & banking, health & wellness, education & employment, transportation/accessibility, housing and advocacy for Portage's vulnerable and Indigenous populations. Pauline prioritizes advocacy and community collaboration to best meet the needs of those she serves within the partnership of Reaching Home. 


Alexa Kowerchuk - Wawokiya Coordinator | | 204-240-8531

Alexa Kowerchuk (she\her) is the Wawokiya Coordinator. Alexa has a background in direct services as she was a Reaching Home Case Manager and a Case Manager at the former Portage Community Shelter. As the Wawokiya Coordinator, Alexa organizes The Wawokiya Table and Wawokiya Support Teams to mobilize and coordinate existing resources across sectors to give individuals/families the support they need so they can prevent and permanently stabilize crisis situations.







Randy Lilley - Indigenous Seniors Coordinator | | 204-240-8568


Abosede Jogunonsinmi - PLIP Cultural Connector | | 204-240-8560


Rachelle Roteliuk- Community Engagement Coordinator | | 204-240-8563

Taylor McCarson - Reaching Home Case Manager | | 204-240-8530

Taylor McCarson (she/her) is a Reaching Home Case Manager. Taylor works to assist individuals who are struggling with homelessness or precarious housing to find safe and affordable homes as well as ways to sustain their housing building and maintaining relationships with a number of people including landlords, community members and advocates to find housing for those who are currently struggling with homelessness or whom are precariously housed.

Want to speak with someone on the phone? Call us at 204-240-7272 and we can direct your call, or call the direct line of the person you wish to speak to.

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