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Local Immigration Partnership

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What is a Local Immigration Partnership (LIP)?

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP’s) are community-based and are in over 70 Canadian municipalities that are designed to improve the integration of immigrants in cities, as well as strengthen cities’ abilities to better address the needs of newcomers.

A LIP is an initiative to support the settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada by fostering welcoming and inclusive spaces, organizations, businesses, and communities through collective actions. LIPs were established by the Government of Canada and can be found across the country.


What is the Portage la Prairie Local Immigration Partnership (PLIP)?

In April 2017, PCRC received a contract with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to coordinate the LIP program in Portage la Prairie and surrounding area.

The PLIP Council is a multi-sector partnership comprised of all levels of government, immigrant serving agencies, public institutions, and other key community stakeholders.

The PLIP’s goal is to create a local settlement strategy that will improve the integration of newcomers and establish an action plan to produce a more welcoming and inclusive community.

Contact the Portage la Prairie Local Immigration Partnership
Portage la Prairie Local Immigration Partnership Program Coordinator

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