Portage Innovation Centre

What is the P.I.C. ?

•A free/low-cost space for young entrepreneurs and innovators to launch a business

•3 office spaces, a reception area and a shared meeting room

•Access to tools such as a 3D printer and the assistance of RRC students

•Free workshops for all applicants on the essentials of starting a business or venture













Who is involved in developing this project?

•Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF)

•Red River College – Portage Campus (RRC)

•Other community partners: lawyers, real estate agents, financial advisors, etc.

Where will it be located?

  • The PIC will be located in the RRC Building

  • Corner of Saskatchewan Ave E and 5th Ave SE

  • Workshops will either take place at RRC or online, or a mixture of both

Why do we need something like this in our town?

  • There is no space like this in Portage currently

  • We want to give young people the resources they need to succeed

  • This is a chance for low-risk innovation

When will this be available to the public?

  • We are planning to have our official launch in summer 2022.

Innovation Weekend


We are planning a 3 day Innovation contest and event following the public launch of the Innovation Centre.

In this event, innovators will compete on writing a pitch for a brand new, innovative business idea of their choosing. There will be three prizes of $1000 towards starting their business, and free office space at the PIC for a year. Anyone who signs up for this Innovation weekend will also be invited to take part in free workshops throughout the year to help develop their innovative idea.


We are currently looking for applicants to compete in the contest, but limited spots are available. You may make a team of up to 5 people, but individuals and duos are welcome to enter!

Day 1 - Public Innovation Event

On the first day, innovators and guests will be given short presentations and workshops from the judges on how to run a business, and how to write a great business pitch. This will help the Innovators to get a good idea of what the judges will be looking for, and will also contain valuable information that will help them out in the future. Innovators will be given a briefing on the expectations for their project, and each team/individual will be assigned a mentor to help them with building out their idea. There will also be time on this day for the Innovators to start brainstorming the direction of their project. 

Innovators are welcome to work on their project on their own time between event days, however their mentors might not be available outside of event hours. It is up to the teams to establish coordination and collaboration. In the event where a team member doesn't have any way of connecting with the other teammates, we may be able to provide technology for group calls such as a laptop and portable WIFI device.

Day 2 - Getting to work!

The second day, the location will be provided for the Innovators to work on their finished project and pitch.

Mentors will be around to guide the Innovators and make sure they stay within the guidelines of the contest, as well as give constructive criticism and feedback to help Innovators deliver a solid idea and pitch. 
There will be food and drinks provided, and CBYF and RRC staff will be around to help with any needs.

There is no deadline for the project on this day, Innovators are still welcome to finish up their project later this night, or in the morning before the presentations and judging. 

Day 3 - Presentations and Winners decided

On the third and final day, Innovators will have one or two of their team members present their pitch to the audience and judges. There will be a short period where innovators and guests will be able to mingle and speak to other teams/individuals about their presentation. The judges will then decide on the winners and announce the winning Innovators. There will be 3 teams or individuals chosen as winners, in no particular order. The top 10 teams will be offered $20 per month towards a software to develop their business ideas.

If you would like to apply to be a part of this event, please fill out the form below!

Please also share this with anyone you feel may be interested, or share it publicly, it would be greatly appreciated.


Click the images for more info on the technology we will provide at the PIC

Apply here!

Thank you for submitting your application to the Portage Innovation Centre Innovation weekend! We hope to see you there!

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